TAlh - a Qt-based Alh-compatible Alarm Handler for EPICS

Copyright (c) TRIUMF, 2016 ....

Author: R.Keitel


TAlh was created as a replacement for the Motif-based EPICS alh utility at TRIUMF.

The development road map envisages the following steps:
  1. Implemented:Stand-alone application which is compatible with Alh for the Alh functionality used at TRIUMF.
  2. Full compatibility with alh.
  3. Separation int an Alarm Handler GUI application and Alarm server. Many GUI applications allowed to connect to one alarm server.

TAlh Functionality Summary

As TAlh is intended as a plug-compatible application for alh.
TAlh can parse alh configuration files as defined for alh 1.2.35.

Alarm logging is implemented as a Qt plug-in. The desired plug-in and its parameters are specified with a command line switch.
The TAlh distribution provides a FileAlarmLogger plug-in and a PsqlAlarmLogger plug-in (for logging to a PostgreSQL relational database).

At the moment TAlh does not recognize changes to the access rights of an alarm channel.

On-line Help

TAlh does not contain an on-line help system. Use the help files which are supplied here.
These help files can be accessed from the TAlh menu    Help >> TAlh Help if the environment variable TALH_BROWSER is defined and contains the command to start a web-browser. The web-browser must accept a URL as a command line parameter.

Additional Functionality

Known Problems

For known bugs and problems, please see the Release Notes

Distribution and Licence

TAlh is provided by the author as is, without any explicit or implied warranty.
The provided tar files contain the author's development directories used with QtCreator and Qt 5.5.1.
The TAlh distribution provides source files and a .pro file for

  • TAlh-....tar  
alarm handler
  • FileAlarmLogger...tar
plug-in for logging to file
  • PsqlAlarmLogger....tar
plug-in for loggin to PostgrSQL relational database

By downloading you agree to accept the license conditons of the GNU GPL license.

Please direct any questions or report any bugs to