Current Release: 1.1.27


Release Notes  

1.1.26    monitors configurable as to be logged, improve operator action logging and log history display
1.1.24    improve error messages for monitor configuration file
1.1.23    add indication of silenced alarms to the silence frame
1.1.22    bug-fix release
1.1.21    more IOC verification   
1.1.20    add IOC setup checking
1.1.19    bug-fix release
1.1.18    make background colour fully configurable
1.1.17    remove QT help system, help via web browser
1.1.16    add lock file protection to config updates from multiple sources
1.1.15    change colours for disconnected alarms to magenta
1.1.14    bug-fix
1.1.13    First release to production
1.1.10    Still a release candidate.
1.1.10    Rework some user interface aspects based on operator feed-back
1.1.10    Implement "silence current

Bugs fixed
1.1.27    alarm history window did not update size when text was changed
1.1.26    alarm filter with count had wrong logic
1.1.25    crash if header labels length is changed
1.1.24    fix logging of filtered alarms
1.1.22    wrote wrong access mask to config files.
1.1.19    fix alarm list sequence bug
1.1.14    FORCEPV did not work on alarm groups.
1.1.10    alarm status display of filtered alarm

Known Bugs and Problems