Current Release: 1.2.24


Release Notes  

1.2.24  added "find item" to info menu, simplified tree expansion code
1.2.23  improve editing of config files from scratch, add --saveaction option
1.2.22  clean up edit and monitor menus.
1.2.21  made monitor colors in hierarchy trees consistent with alarms
1.2.20  made init code for run-time config check boxes more consistent (response to FR 12756)
1.2.19  bugfix
1.2.18  implement changes to alarm detail displays (ops request)
1.2.16  bugfix
1.2.15  allow multiple comment blocks for alarm items, implement guidance URL
1.2.14  rework handling of disabled alarms
1.2.13  rework and simplify handling of disabled alarms
1.2.12  fix monitor logging and access rights call-back
1.2.11  right-clicking on monitor detail display shows the monitor configuration
1.2.11  showing of monitor dialog is now exclusive with alarm and alarm group
1.2.11  handle write-access change for monitor PVs consistent with alarm PVs
1.2.10  handle write-access change for alarm PVs
1.2.9    code cleanup in alarm filter and alarm logic, more support for regression testing
1.2.8    bugfix
1.2.7    make logging of enabled and disabled alarms consistent if filtered
1.2.6    switch from QSound to QSoundEffect
1.2.5    remove $INSTANCE keyword, add --instance command line parameter
1.2.4    log disabled alarms the same way as alh did.
1.2.3    bugfix
1.2.2    bugfix  
1.2.1    add summary mode display, don't allow guidance and filter editing if local or passive

Bugs fixed
1.2.24  fix wrong signal used by alarm info dialog.
1.2.19  fix monitor bug 
1.2.16  fix bug which allowed only one severity command for each state change
1.2.8    fix bug on acknowledge of re-enabled alarm
1.2.7    fix and simplify alarm filter
1.2.7    fix bug which made monitor go into alarm if PV value < 1
1.2.3    make showing of alarm dialog and group dialog mutually exclusive
1.2.2    proper roll-up of disabled/silenced state in tree display

before 2018-12-01:
1.1.26    monitors configurable as to be logged, improve operator action logging and log history display
1.1.24    improve error messages for monitor configuration file
1.1.23    add indication of silenced alarms to the silence frame
1.1.22    bug-fix release
1.1.21    more IOC verification   
1.1.20    add IOC setup checking
1.1.19    bug-fix release
1.1.18    make background colour fully configurable
1.1.17    remove QT help system, help via web browser
1.1.16    add lock file protection to config updates from multiple sources
1.1.15    change colours for disconnected alarms to magenta
1.1.14    bug-fix
1.1.13    First release to production
1.1.10    Still a release candidate.
1.1.10    Rework some user interface aspects based on operator feed-back
1.1.10    Implement "silence current

Bugs fixed
1.1.27    alarm history window did not update size when text was changed
1.1.26    alarm filter with count had wrong logic
1.1.25    crash if header labels length is changed
1.1.24    fix logging of filtered alarms
1.1.22    wrote wrong access mask to config files.
1.1.19    fix alarm list sequence bug
1.1.14    FORCEPV did not work on alarm groups.
1.1.10    alarm status display of filtered alarm

Known Bugs and Problems