TChart - a Qt-based Strip-Chart and Archive-Retrieval Tool for EPICS

Copyright (c) TRIUMF, 2016 ....

Author: R.Keitel

TChart uses the QCustomPlot widget.
TChart source code and software are licensed under the GNU GPL except as noted otherwise.


TChart was created as a replacement for the Motif-based EPICS StripTool utility

TChart Functionality Summary

TChart contains the following functionality:

A strip-charting engine  allows strip-charting of up to 10 EPICS process variables while (optionally) saving data to a temporary disk file. At the end of strip-charting, the user has the option to save or discard the data.

If saving data was not selected, at the end of a strip the user has the option to save the contents of the display buffer to file.

The strip-chart data is saved into comma-separated-variable files and also split into single-PV-files.

Historical Data
If enabled, the strip-chart display can seemlessly scroll from the live strip-chart to archived data of the stripped process variables.

A retrieval engine for saved strip-charts allows displaying of saved strip-chart data.

An archive-retrieval interface allows retrieving and displaying archived data. The archive retrieval engine must be supplied as a Qt plug-in.
With the distribution a plug-in for a demo archiver is supplied.

Data Comparison
Data from single-PV files can be retrieved and displayed for a user-selected time-interval. This allows viewing of data taken by different TChart instances during the selected time-period.

Retrieved Strip-chart or archive data can be used as a background for a live strip-chart. This allows comparing the time-behaviour of live incoming data with historical data samples. The historical data are time-shifted so that the start-times coincide.

Demo Mode
TChart contains a "demo" data generator which can be used for demonstation purpuses. A demo archiver plug-in is also supplied.

On-line Help

TChart does not contain an on-line help system. Use the help files which are supplied here.
You can set the environment variable TCHART_BROWSER to a  command string which starts a web-browser. Then you can access the help files from within TChart with menu Help >> TChart.

Known Problems

For known bugs and problems, please see the Release Notes


TChart is provided by the author as is, without any explicit or implied warranty. The provided tar file contains the author's development directory used with QtCreator.

By downloading you agree to accept the license conditons of the GNU GPL license.

Please direct any questions or report any bugs to