TChart - a Strip-Chart and Archive-Retrieval Tool


TChart uses the QCustomPlot widget (
TChart is licensed under the GPL license.


TChart was created as a replacement for the Motif-based EPICS StripTool utility

TChart Functionality Summary

TChart contains the following functionality:

A strip-charting engine  allows strip-charting of up to 10 EPICS process variables while (optionally) saving data to a temporary disk file. At the end of strip-charting, the user has the option to save or discard the data. The strip-chart data is saved into comma-separated-variable files and also split into single-PV-files.

Historical Data
If enabled, the strip-chart display can seemlessly scroll from the live strip-chart to archived data of the stripped process variables.

A retrieval engine for saved strip-charts allows displaying of saved strip-chart data.

An archive-retrieval interface allows retrieving and displaying archived data. The archive retrieval engine must be supplied as a Qt plug-in.
With the distribution a plug-in for the TRIUMF Trar archiver is supplied.

Data Comparison
Data from single-PV files can be retrieved and displayed for a user-selected time-interval. This allows viewing of data taken by different TChart instances during the selected time-period.

Retrieved Strip-chart or archive data can be used as a background for a live strip-chart. This allows comparing the time-behaviour of live incoming data with historical data samples. The historical data are time-shifted so that the start-times coincide.

Demo Mode
TChart contains a "demo" data generator which can be used for demonstation purpuses. A demo archiver plug-in is also supplied.