tdct - a Configuration Tool for EPICS Runtime Databases

Copyright (c) TRIUMF, 2006 ....

Author: R.Keitel

NOTE: tdct requires java 1.7


tdct was created as a replacement for the Capfast [1] tool, which was used by the ISAC controls group at TRIUMF from 1996-2009.
Since 2010 tdct has been the exclusively used database configuration tool  at TRIUMF.

Functionality Summary

tdct contains the following functionality:

For more information, please consult the tdct  help files, which also contain the release notes.

Distribution and Licence

tdct is presently available as a run-time only distribution. It is provided by the author as is, without any explicit or implied warranty.

By downloading you agree to accept the tdct Licence Conditions.

Please direct any questions or report any bugs to


tdct is presently supported by the author. Should a situation arise, where TRIUMF is no longer able to support tdct, the tdct source code will be made available to the EPICS collaboration.


The author thanks

[1] Phase Three Logic, Beaverton, Ore., USA