Frequently Asked Questions

tdct cannot find configuration file
Selection rectangle when dragging wire-points
Build an EPICS database without looking at the schematic

Error message: <record> cannot determine hardware link field

Q: tdct pops up a message that it cannot find the configuration file
A: The default configuration file must be called tdct.cfg and must be
located in the directory  <home>/.tdct/ (more details)
Alternatively, the configuration file (and path) can be specified on
 the command line.
 On Windows systems the .tdct directory cannot be
established with Windows Explorer.
You must do it from the DOS box.

Q: I am in wire-edit mode and try to drag a wire point, but get a selection rectangle instead. If I release the mouse, the display
 zooms to the selection rectangle. This is really annoying!
A: a) Note the cursor shape change when the mouse hovers over
a selection rectangle. In addition, when you press the mouse to
grab the wire point, the selection  box around the wire point
changes color. If you don't see a color change and release the
mouse before moving it, you will be fine.

b) If you missed a), moved the mouse and see a selection
rectangle being drawn, hit ESC before releasing the mouse or reduce the selection rectangle to a tiny size.
Q: Can I build an EPICS database from a schematic without using the graphics
A: Yes. Run from the command line with the schematic name added
to the -s switch:

java -jar tdct.jar -s <schematic name>

Q: during database building tdct shows an error message:
"<record> cannot determine hardware link field".
A: On startup tdct registers a list of record types with hardware fields.
If a record type is used with a DTYP field other than Soft Channel or Raw Soft Channel which is not registered, this error message appears.

Remedy: In the configuration directory add a file hwrecorddefs.cfg or, if this file exists, add lines to it for the record types which are missing. Each line has the format:

<record type> <hardware field>
stringin INP

If you link from your <home>/.tdct directory to a common tdct configuration file, also add a link to the common hwrecorddefs.cfg.