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Who am I

Titles: Senior Control System and Quality Management Specialist

Group: ISAC Controls

Academic Qualification: Ph. D. Nuclear Physics, Univ. Erlangen, Germany, 1978



4004 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver BC
V6T 2A3

You can mail me at rolf@triumf.ca

You can also contact me via
Voice: (604)-222-7453
Fax:    (604)-222-7307

Skill Set
Project Planning
QA Manager
Technical Manager, Project Manager, Group Leader
Division Head, Deputy Division Head
Applications Development & Systems Analyst
Database Administration Analyst
Web Applications Developer
Project Manager, Group Leader
Financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting
Data Acquisition
Embedded Processing
Process Control
Molecular & Matrials Science
Control Systems

Some Detailed Stuff I Know: